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the Book of Stabbed Birds, pt. I: Pseudo-Manifesto

Rock n roll isn't gonna save the world. Sorry, kids: rock n roll isn't even gonna save your soul. Hell, we might as well admit it, rock n roll isn't gonna help a damn thing. In fact it actually damages your brain dude.
Science proved this and it's true cause I saw it on a flyer.

If it weren't for that God Damn Rock n Roll, you kids would be drinking skim milk at the Youth Center and
worshipping some arbitrary Godjesus instead of sitting around in your underwear photoshopping fake nude pics
of Ben Blackwell and chain-smoking to "Perfect Day" on repeat.!! JAH NOW, bitsch!

Lester Bangs once said, "Punk is ten thousand tattered skin magazines under your bed but never getting any
satisfaction from masturbation not the kind that leads to languorous rest anyway so you exist on a thin hot
prostate wire of tension and jack off three, four times a day, knowing it's stupid and pointless and hating it for
that more than submerged guilt but doing it because there's nothing else to do but get drunk."

jah wot now?

the Subnormals don't know shit about anything. we're just a bunch of silly clowns trying to to abide by the Laws
of Orgasm, and squirt a lil angry boy juice all over the unsuspecting face of the world, in hopes that one day
together with each other our souls themselves will get jiggy.
"Consent optional"
-R. Lyons
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